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And so the beginning…

Posted by lindyjb on November 16, 2008

I picked up my copy of Blogging for Dummies last night during my Friday night volunteer shift at the Corvallis Public Library. Chapter 2 says to try out, so here I am — trying it out. Let’s hope this dummy can figure out how to make a snappy, snazzy blog that folks will want to read. I feel such pressure to come up with some amazing, life-changing ideas, but really, all I am is a MLIS graduate student trying this out. It seems like many library and information science professionals are blogging. Maybe I have something to contribute? Blogging is new to me; I do enjoy writing and thinking out loud… I’d like to use this place as a chance to record my ah-ha moments from graduate school, volunteering at the public library or with the IPL. I might share a note or two about my wonderful LP collection or my the daily shenanigans of my 9 month old Newfoundland puppy, Casper.

So, for all you out that that might come across this blog, please take it easy on this sista. I’m learning how this whole thing works and how to make what I write exciting and not listless blather. Please be patient and give me a chance. Feel free to share your comments (but do so oh so nicely and constructively) and I will try my best to become a better blogger.

Alas, and so it begins…

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