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Twittering (or Tweeting?) Libraries

Posted by lindyjb on November 17, 2008

My latest assignment in LIS 5313 is to create a “web 2.0″ article. I am focusing on Twittering Libraries. I recently joined Twitter so I could “follow” the many libraries (and library organizations) out there who are twittering/tweeting away. I have enjoyed seeing how the many libraries out there are using Twitter to post library announcements, market products, services and programs, for reference services, update patrons on new materials, send alerts about new materials, get information about conferences and/or use it for micro-blogging.

The following is a list I have compiled of tweeting libraries. The list is not all-inclusive, so if you know of a library or library-related organization using Twitter that I haven’t found yet, please share!

<update 3/21/2009: This is a listing of the libraries I used for my web 2.0 article… For a constantly updated list, check out my post Twittering Libraries (updated list).>

Libraries Using Twitter:

Library-related organizations Using Twitter:

updated Nov. 29, 2008
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5 Responses to “Twittering (or Tweeting?) Libraries”

  1. Sam said

    What a growing list! Fantastic!
    Have you thought about including libraries from the UK? As a distance education provider (The Open University) we are finding so many positives with using Twitter.

    • lindyjb said

      Hi Sam!

      I thought about including libraries in the UK – I’ve seen several in the Twitterverse – but since I originally started the list for a research project for one of my classes, I decided to keep it narrowed down to U.S. only. I’ve been following you guys at the Open Library, though! (In fact, I just read a tweet that you have 4,000 followers on Facebook? Wow!)

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. jason said

    hey….great list…here’s an addition:

  3. Nicole said

    Here’s another library for your list (we’re just getting started on Twitter):

    And a library-related org: NEASIST:

  4. lindyjb said

    Thanks Nicole & Jason for the additions – I added your suggestions to my ever-updated list at my Libraries on Twitter (updated list) post. This post above lists the libraries I used for my web 2.0 article for a class project. Because of all the interest in libraries that twitter, I created that other post which includes many more libraries there. Thanks again!

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