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Twitter survey, Q4: Are there any 3rd party apps you use to enhance your Twitter experience?

Posted by lindyjb on December 15, 2008

Note: This is the fourth question of a 15-part questionnaire I sent out to over 90 libraries with Twitter accounts. 65 libraries responded. I used this information for a web 2.0 article for my LIS5313 class at Florida State University. Once the article is finished, I will share it on the blog. In the meantime, I am sharing data collected of the responses for each question.

The fourth question on my survey asked the twittering libraries if they used any third party applications to enhance their Twitter experience. I actually answered this in an earlier post on my blog. Check out this post to see what the top 10 applications are that these twittering libraries are using.

Every day new applications are sprouting up. I suggest bookmarking Darren Rowse’s blog, Twitip, or following him on Twitter. He is constantly updating posts with interesting news about Twitter. In fact, he posted an informative snippet on his blog of the 5 applications and tools that made him a better Twitter user in 2008.

Photo credit: door number 4 from flickr user Leo Reynolds
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