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My experience with Twitter and Delta Airlines’ customer service

Posted by lindyjb on January 5, 2009

Much is written in the blogosphere about companies using Twitter for customer service (i.e., Comcast, JetBlue, I even briefly discussed it in my Twittering Libraries article.

It’s one thing to read about others’ experiences, but recently I experienced my own encounter of customer service and Twitter.

I wrote about this earlier, but long story short: Over the holidays, I attended a wedding in Richmond, VA. At the time of the wedding ending, Portland was having one of its worst snowstorms ever. As a result of mechanical difficulties and then the impending craziness of canceled flights to Portland, I was stuck in Washington, DC while my luggage was visiting places like JFK (NY), Dulles (DC), Richmond (VA) and then Eugene (OR).

In my frustration of several hours of phone calls, waiting on hold, several calculations where my luggage was (but really wasn’t) and seven days of absence, I got the idea to see if Delta Airlines had a twitter account. I discovered they did. So what the heck, I decided to try it. Alas, I’ll let my tweets tell the rest of the story…

The End.
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One Response to “My experience with Twitter and Delta Airlines’ customer service”

  1. Jan said

    I feel your pain!
    See my posterous entry regarding Delta Customer service ( or lack thereof).

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