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Libraries on Twitter (updated list)

Posted by lindyjb on January 10, 2009

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

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143 Responses to “Libraries on Twitter (updated list)”

  1. Hi!

    My high school media center uses Twitter to communicate updates from our blog, and to share info with our students. Please take a peek at . Thank you!

  2. Sarah said

    Hi! The Johnson County Library in Kansas started twittering a little over a month ago. It’s great for getting tidbits out about programs, holiday closings, etc! We use for adult features and for teen features.

  3. lindyjb said

    Thanks Buffy! I added theunquietlibrary to the list – under Creekview High School. I first heard about theunquietlibrary blog from other folks tweeting about it on Twitter. They were saying really positive things about it. I’ve checked out the blog as well and am impressed in how you’re incorporating web 2.0 into the High School library!

  4. lindyjb said

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing the Johnson County Library’s twitter pages. I updated the list and added them both. Your comment made me wonder – I would be interested to know if there are other libraries out there with more than one Twitter account. It makes sense to have a different accounts – that way you’re targeting your audience specifically. Thanks again! :)

  5. Hi Lindy! Thank you for adding us to your list and for the kind words! I love Library 2.0! :-)

  6. The Hibbing Public Library also Twitters!

  7. The Canton Public Library in Canton, MI has been tweeting since September.

  8. 5p34k1ng1nt0ngu3z said

    Columbus Metropolitan Library

  9. lindyjb said

    Thanks Columbus Metropolitan Library! You’ve been added to the list. I see you have 159 followers already – that’s awesome.

  10. phoebe said

    Thanks for the lovely resource. Offhand, do you (or readers) know of libraries that use twitter/microblogging for new books lists or new acquisitions only?

  11. Thanks for the list! Love to see what other libraries are up to. My library, Evanston Public Library (IL) just started twittering.

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  14. Catherine Schaeffer said

    Hello –

    The Bothell Library is actually a part of the King County Library System in Washington, not Kansas.

    Thanks for including us!

    Catherine Schaeffer
    Teen Services Librarian
    Bothell Regional Library
    King County Library System

  15. clw said

    The University of South Florida Polytechnic twitters at @usfplib.

    Thanks for the list!

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  17. angela cw said

    Awesome list! (found via Blogging Section of SLA-IT)


  18. [...] libraries were using Twitter, but I couldn’t name any off the top of my head. Today I find this amazing list by Lindy over at Circulation. Check it out and see which libraries are already using [...]

  19. Christy said

    Great list – thank you! The library/information management group at Sun Microsystems has a twitter at

    Thanks –


  20. Joyce said

    You will find Jackson District Library., Michigan on twitter as jacksonlibrary.

    Thanks for the great list

  21. The Garden City Public Library in Idaho uses Twitter:

  22. Shawn P. Calhoun said

    Great resource!!

    The University of San Francisco Gleeson Library :: @GleesonLibrary ::

    Thank you!

  23. Valerie said

    Somers Library uses Twitter:

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  25. I twitter for the Glendale Public Library in Glendale, AZ.


  26. johndidriksen said

    Is this list for American libraries only? If not, check out

  27. I have just started a Twitter account for my school library. I used to run one that covered both personal and work, but thought that it was more professional to have two as I feed it via a widget on to the library website. The username is and it is for The Dixie Grammar School Library in Market Bosworth UK.

  28. You are missing the 2 Twitter pages from Douglas County Libraries in Colorado:



  30. Bernardsville Public Library in Bernardsville, NJ, just entered twitterland today on our MySpace page. It seemed easier to update happenings this way rather than editing MySpace.

  31. Birmingham Public Library (Alabama) has a twitter account.

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  33. Tom said

    Great list, great idea! You may add the Faulkner County Library in Conway, AR to your list. I started our library Twitter in January. It has been very useful, more libraries should use Twitter in my opinion.

    Have a good day,


  34. diane said

    The Hamden CT public library twitters…it is called Totemtom. I don’t work there…just a loyal patron!

  35. hlausten said

    The Grand Canyon University Library just started using twitter. So far we’ve had a pretty positive response.

  36. Robin said

    Our Library has just recently started tweeting!
    John C. Fremont Library in Florence, CO!

  37. Nicole said

    Hello! I just started tweeting for Southfield Public Library @southfieldPL

    Thanks for the great list!

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  39. Lorena O'English said

    2 more: Washington State University Libraries (Pullman) is, and Washington State University Library (Spokane) is

  40. EMC Scheibel said

    Hennepin County Library in MN: hclib

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  42. David said

    The North Carolina State Engineering Library twitters:

    NCLIVE (library consortium in North Carolina) also twitters:

  43. Eva G. said

    Southfield Public Library in Southfield, MI is
    They just started.

  44. Andrea said


    Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD is on twitter:

  45. Dan Nieman said

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 11, 2009 at 5:38 pm
    I have been on Twitter since November. I started the South Sioux City Public Library’s accounty in Fwbruary.

    Disregard the previous post. I was working at the circ desk and submitted prematurely.

  46. Teresa said

    Paris Carnegie Public Library (in Illinois) is at

  47. [...] a lot of press, it is still a technology that libraries are getting grips on (more info here, here , list of twittering libraries), so I suspect the large number of Twitter accounts here only reflects the fact that Libraries on [...]

  48. kristenyt said

    The University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library recently began tweeting:

    Thanks for keeping a list of all of us!

  49. The University of Georgia has started Twittering:

  50. [...] amerikanske biblioteker er på Twitter. Du kan se en liste med mange af dem her: Libraries on Twitter (updated list) Ikke alle er åbnebart lige aktive, men det er muligt at blive inspireret hvis du vil prøve [...]

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  52. Hannah said

    The University of Northd Carolina at Greensborr has a Twitter account for their library mascot

  53. Hannah said

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a Twitter account for their library mascot

  54. Matt said

    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, “Metro”, Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive

  55. [...] the library name  does not always yield a result on the Twitter search engine. Instead, I used a comprehensive list assembled by blogger Lindy Brown that is regularly [...]

  56. Follow the LRB (Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau) at:

  57. [...] Is this only in Florida? Is this only for the lowerclassmen? If I look right now at the followers of my library’s Twitter profile, I see faculty, staff, other librarians and library organizations, an alumn and community members. No one that I could really call a true-blue student. I’m working on more promotion right now so maybe that will change a bit. I need to research what has worked elsewhere (because there are plenty of libraries on Twitter.) [...]

  58. Natalie said

    Lawrence Tech University Library (Southfield, MI) is now on twitter:


  59. Don’t forget us!
    @HsvLibFound – Huntsville Library Foundation, tweeting our library events, networking, and conferences whenever possible.

  60. Liz said

    The Milton S. Eisenhower Library of the Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University:

  61. Kirstin said

    The Music and Performing Arts Library at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign just went public with our Twitter account:

  62. Amy said

    Great list. The library at Middle TN State University just set one up:

  63. BooneLibrary said

    Boone County Public Library in Northern Kentucky is now on Twitter

  64. Hello — we’ve got a Twitter account too, at

  65. SC Williams Library @ Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) is on twitter –

    Thanks for this list, it’s great!

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  67. Aarontay said

    I hope you don’t mind. But I used your lists together with the lists on Library Success wiki to create the Library twitter league which tracks number of followers of twitter accounts in real time. I further supplemented the list by doing manually searches for “Library”, “Libraries”, “lib”, “reference” and manually adding the relevant ones. As of now, I have a list of 400+ Library twitter accounts.

    So far the page lists ranks accounts only by number of followers, but I’m told that Twitter league is currently working on adding some additional statistics i requested, including follower/following ratios, signal to noise ratios, etc…

    You can embed the table into any webpage

  68. Lauren said

    Hi. Great list. Please add the Cold Spring Harbor Library (


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  70. [...] Nos amis outre-atlantique, quant à eux, sont déjà nombreux à utiliser Twitter : retrouvez la liste publiée sur le blog [...]

  71. [...] than creating a static list I used the TwitterLeague service , and populated it with entries from here , here and [...]

  72. [...] how representative the list is. As mentioned here ,the list began from self-reported cases from here , here and here . I was somewhat concerned that this list has an inherent bias in listing mature [...]

  73. The Pembroke Public Library in Pembroke, Massachusetts is on Twitter.
    Great list!

  74. Candace said

    Could you please add the Huntington Public Library to this list?

  75. Deb Hanson said

    Veterans Park Academy for the Arts K-8 uses Twitter for the school libraries @VPAALibraries –

  76. Julia said

    Thanks so much for compiling and maintaining this list. It’s a great resource!

  77. Heather said

    We have twitter too.

  78. Patty Windsor said

    Denton ISD Libraries are on Twitter @dentonisdlib

  79. We are tweeting from Teasley Middle School’s media center at We are in Canton, GA.

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  81. We are now tweeting at the McGoogan Library of Medicine – . Thank you for maintaining this list!

  82. The Bristol Public Library is now on Twitter.


  83. Jenny said

    Great list! The Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Library mascot, Socrates the Cat, is tweeting about libraries, books, and reading:

  84. Excellent – here’s a list from the southern california library literacy networki

    Check Out SCLLN libraries on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter – and some CLLS Libraries up North –
    Burbank Public Library: Burbankliteracy
    San Diego Co. Library: LEARN_Literacy
    Monrovia Public Library: Monrovialit
    SCLLN: scllnliteracy
    . . . . . . and up North
    Contra Costa County Library: PSCLiteracy
    So. SFPL: ProjectReadMe

  85. Andrew said

    East Baton Rouge Parish Library Twitters! and we have a blog: Thanks!

  86. The Piedmont Technical College Library is now on Twitter at Thanks for maintaining this list!

  87. As a top Twitter business user, I was sent an advance copy of the Tweet Adder System for my review. This is by far the best Networking Tool I have used for Twitter!

  88. Zoe Rath said

    This is a great list thanks :)

  89. Rafia said

    Thanks for compiling this list! I just wanted to add that the UT Arlington Library is also on twitter

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  91. jkuebel said

    Hi there!

    Riverside County Library System, CA tweets at

    Great job on the list!

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  93. Deb said

    The Lee County Library System twitters in two places:

    Lee County Library System — Download Depot
    Lee County Library System — Southwest Florida Reading Festival

    Thanks for creating the list!

  94. Tina said

    The National Science Foundation Library is also on Twitter:

    Thanks for compiling this list. It’s fantastic!

  95. Canyon Lake Library said

    The Canyon Lake Library in Riverside, California tweets at:

  96. The Mississippi State University Library now uses twitter to distribute information about our libraries and to communicate with our users. Follow us at

  97. decidavenceragora said

    Great post, i’ve already subscribed to your feed. thanks

  98. The Sonoma State University Library now has a Twitter feed. Follow us at

  99. Judy Walsh said

    The Chester County Library now has a Twitter feed. Follow us at

  100. Analicia De Anda said


    The Finney County Public Library in Garden City, Kansas tweets, could you add us please?

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  104. The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library in Evansville, IN, tweets library information at EVPLInfo, and exclusively reviews at EVPLReviews. Thanks!

  105. [...] verge of being passe?) and libraries are not immune to the draw of fun, new technology. There are many libraries using Twitter these days, but the question is how can it be a fun, useful tool for us and [...]

  106. Ping said

    Please add Worcester Public Library (MA) on your list

  107. The full King County Library System (in Washington) feed (you’ve got our Bothell Library up already) is at

  108. I’m tweeting for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication library at the University of North Carolina: @jomcparklib. Great list!

  109. Sacramento Public is tweeting as Branches and selectors are also tweeting under their own auspices; a few examples are @saclib_Central, @saclib_parents, @saclib_movies.

  110. Katie Elson Anderson said

    Great list. Please add Paul Robeson Library, Rutgers Camden to the list: @RobesonLibrary.


  111. [...] Libraries on Twitter (including academic libraries) (Circulation library blog) [...]

  112. Jenny Campbell said

    Newcastle University (UK) Library have an Arts Twitter and a Science and Engineering Twitter

    Great list – hope to see more UK libraries on the list..

  113. Great list! Thanks!

  114. Kris said

    You can add the Connecticut State Library to your list of twitter users

  115. Sarah said

    Ela Area Public Library in Lake Zurich IL

  116. Rebecca said

    Worlds of Words is a multicultural and international collection of children and adolescent books. We’d love to be included on your list Twittering from Additionally, we have two free on-line journals and a blog at our Web site,

    This is a great list!

  117. Please add Cumberland Public Library, Cumberland RI to your list.


  118. Anderson Community Library should be Anderson Public Library


    Danielle, Information Services Librarian at Anderson Public Library

  119. [...] Assim como qualquer outra tecnologia utilizada para a distribuição de informações nova o twitter vem sendo cada vez mais utilizado por Bibliotecas em todo o mundo buscando formas úteis de interação e serviço para seus clientes. Mas qual a utilidade que o twitter pode ter para uma biblioteca de forma a agregar valor? Observei diversos twitters de uma lista de bibliotecas que utilizam a ferramenta publicada em [...]

  120. Graham said

    Edinburgh city Libraries (Scotland) at

  121. Please update your record for Denver Public Library News. The Site changed from @denverlibrarypr to @DPLNews.

    Thank you,

    — C. Jackson

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  123. Julianne said

    Hello there:

    The Barberton Public Library (Barberton, OH) is on Twitter as BarbertonReads. Thanks for the list!

  124. The Pickaway County District Public Library (OH) tweets daily at
    Always quick, sometimes fun!

  125. Please add Ohio Dominican University, Spangler Learning Center to your list @ODU_Spangler

    Thank you!
    Cathy Kellum
    Head, Public Services
    Spangler Learning Center
    Ohio Dominican University

  126. Michelle said

    Multnomah County Library is now on Twitter.

  127. VS said

    Montgomery County Public Libraries, Maryland

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