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Government on YouTube

Posted by lindyjb on January 18, 2009

The government is on YouTube. Check out their welcome message, starring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

I’ve had a chance to peruse through the Senate and House YouTube sites and really like what I see. You can click on a state and a bubble pops up with the Senator or Congressperson’s name. Click on the name and you can see their channel. Of course I checked out Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s page (or “channel”) and was able to read all about him, learn about his interests, constituents, etc and watch plenty of videos. I think this is a pretty cool way to learn about our government officials rather than soley reading about them.

It looks like a few officials don’t have channels or sites uploaded yet.  (Curiously, I checked for the state of Illinios to see if Roland Burris had a channel yet but I realize he was only sworn in last week so I’m probably getting ahead of myself. I notice new Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley doesn’t have a site yet either… it’s probably too early).

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Government agencies on Twitter: a few comprehensive sites

Posted by lindyjb on January 18, 2009

obamafacebook1Updated 6/30/09

It has been widely noted how Barack Obama has utilized technology and social media to educate and inform U.S. citizens about his campaign (just check out his YouTube channel and his Facebook, Twitter, MySpace pages).  In fact, some debate whether it made a difference in helping him win the election. Now he has a new site, which has the mission to inform the public of what’s going on as he prepares to take office this Tuesday, January 20th.

It looks like more government agencies are following Obama’s lead.

Government on Twitter – a few comprehensive sites with info:

Update 1/22: Check out Tweet Congress. Includes statistics (e.g., see who’s the most followed, who tweets/who doesn’t, who tweets the most, etc.) and a nice search function to see which Congress-folk are using Twitter:  search by name, state, party. If your favorite Congressperson isn’t on there, it has an option to sign a petition in attempt to get them tweeting!

It is interesting to see the government utilizing social media in order to inform the public. It makes total sense, but it is amazing nonetheless!

Update 6/30/09: I discovered a new site called GovFresh that incorporates ALL live U.S. Government feeds ALL in one place: Twitter, YouTube, RSS, Facebook, Flickr accounts and more. They have it all: feeds from each branch in government, different agencies, departments, state governments, the military, contractors, political parties, news and so on…

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Job searching and networking – a new twist to an old concept

Posted by lindyjb on January 17, 2009


Though I’m in my early 30’s, I’m a wee bit too old, just missing the digital native generation… I can’t imagine living without the technology we have today, yet at the same time, I do have actual experience making it through the day without a cell phone, computer, Internet, GPS, what-have-you. (I didn’t get a cell phone until graduate school in early 2001!)

I came across a nice post by Dan Schawbel on HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume. It really had me thinking… In my early days of job searching, I remember reading books and articles about how to handle the job search. I talked with advisers and parents and even the university’s Career Center about the proper way to go about finding a job. They all echoed the same thing – it’s who you know… In addition to having practical experience, networking is key.  I vividly remember being warned that one must definitely NOT depend on finding a job through the Internet. Stay away from those on-line job sites, they said.

That was then, I guess… Early 2000 is so long ago!

Back to Schawbel’s post: I think that using social networking is honestly something to consider these days. As popularity amongst social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. continue to grow and gain followers, they should be taken seriously! When they first emerged, there was debate as them being meaningless drivel and time wasters. Over time, however, they have proven to have great professional networking potential. I mean, check out this post: She’s the Best Employee I’ve Never Met. Both articles point out that that networking is definitely still part of the job search — it’s just conceptually slightly different than what I learned it was long ago.

photo credit: You’re hired! from flickr user sssteve.o

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In honor of LIS5661: Goverment Info

Posted by lindyjb on January 17, 2009

I recently started another class toward my Reference & Instruction specialization: LIS 5661 – Government Information. To start it off appropriately, I would like to educate you with Schoolhouse Rock’sHow a Bill Becomes a Law.

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Other blogs to check out (from LISNews)

Posted by lindyjb on January 12, 2009 had a blog posting today that I’m looking forward to thoroughly read later tonight:

10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2009

David Lee King and In the Library with the Lead Pipe are mentioned, but there are several others I look forward to checking out.

Just passing it on…

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Libraries on Twitter (updated list)

Posted by lindyjb on January 10, 2009

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

This page has been updated to my new domain at

Please update your bookmarks!


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New innovative uses of Twitter

Posted by lindyjb on January 10, 2009

I’m pretty psyched in that my Twittering Libraries web 2.0 article from LIS 5313 is receiving some notice. The Shifted Librarian mentioned it in her post An open letter to [libraries] on Twitter and the ACRL mentioned it in their post Proselytizing for Twitter.

I’m not writing here to publicize myself; rather, I wanted to briefly highlight a few comments that were shared from the Shifted Librarian and ACRL blog posts.

The first comment was from Jenn who works at the College of DuPage Library. They have a Library Secrets Twitter account they use not only to promote the Library Secrets program but to promote online tools and applications that their patrons (students, faculty and community members) might find useful. I checked out the Library Secrets program and it looks really cool!

The second comment was from the ACRL blog. Brian Matthews, a User Experience Librarian at Georgia Tech, shared a paper he wrote for the Journal of Web Librarianship titled Twitter and the Library: Thoughts on the Syndicated Lifestyle. After reading his article, my head was spinning with ideas and thoughts because he provided so many practical uses for libraries using Twitter: it is a great tool for not only communication and collaboration (which many libraries are doing), but for assessment.

I thought I had most ideas for Twitter covered in my lil‘ article, but that truly isn’t the case. Doh! Because of the rapid growth of Twitter (it grew 752% with 4.43 million users in December 2008!), the chance for innovation is immense.

I love learning about how others are doing things!

If you have any ideas or thoughts to share or innovative ways libraries and librarians can use Twitter, please share!

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Flip Video

Posted by lindyjb on January 9, 2009

Ooh! We got a flip video at my office. I brought it home to try it out. Not bad quality, though the director could have done a better job! I think Casper did a good job though – she is quite the actress.

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photography fun – tiltshiftmaker

Posted by lindyjb on January 9, 2009

I wanted to comment on tiltshiftmaker – a nifty lil‘ site that allows you to tilt-shift your images. I tried it out with one of my funny-retro motel pictures. (I like to take pictures of old-school colorful vintage signs. When I lived in Florida, there were lots around the central-Florida area. I have a very small collection of them on my flickrstream). I tried out tiltshiftmaker and it was super easy and kinda fun. I recommend taking a try at it!

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My experience with Twitter and Delta Airlines’ customer service

Posted by lindyjb on January 5, 2009

Much is written in the blogosphere about companies using Twitter for customer service (i.e., Comcast, JetBlue, I even briefly discussed it in my Twittering Libraries article.

It’s one thing to read about others’ experiences, but recently I experienced my own encounter of customer service and Twitter.

I wrote about this earlier, but long story short: Over the holidays, I attended a wedding in Richmond, VA. At the time of the wedding ending, Portland was having one of its worst snowstorms ever. As a result of mechanical difficulties and then the impending craziness of canceled flights to Portland, I was stuck in Washington, DC while my luggage was visiting places like JFK (NY), Dulles (DC), Richmond (VA) and then Eugene (OR).

In my frustration of several hours of phone calls, waiting on hold, several calculations where my luggage was (but really wasn’t) and seven days of absence, I got the idea to see if Delta Airlines had a twitter account. I discovered they did. So what the heck, I decided to try it. Alas, I’ll let my tweets tell the rest of the story…

The End.

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