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Libraries & YouTube: Allen County Public Library

Posted by lindyjb on March 15, 2009

Another example of a library using new media in a way to connect and inform its community is the Allen County Public Library. I found their YouTube channel by way of David Lee King’s blog post Allen County’s Newest Conversations Video.

King was recently part of their conversation series, which also includes other big-time library peepsĀ  such as Michael Stephens, Helene Bowers, Stephen Abram, and ACPL’s director Jeff Kruhl (part 1, part 2). I love this conversation series because it allows lil’ folks like myself the opportunity to hear these great speakers talk about their experiences. I am a big believer in learning from others’ experiences, and these videos offer a brief opportunity to do that.

Beyond their conversation series, the ACPL reaches out to their constituents via other videos. These videos provide opportunities for connection and transparency with their community.

A few examples of other short videos offered by the ACPL:

  • The state of the library – good to know in these tough economic times, especially with all the news and rumors about library closings, budget slashing, etc. In this video, the director addresses recent changes the library is facing due to a local property tax increase that has gone into effect.
  • Why I love being a librarian – what a great way for the ACPL community to connect to their librarians by seeing why their librarians love their job!
  • Geek Outis a new series from ACPL of monthly training videos offered to ACPL staff. Its focus is technology in libraries.
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