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International Twittering Libraries

Posted by lindyjb on March 18, 2009

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I have moved this blog to a hosted domain.

If you are looking for my list of international twittering libraries, check out the updated page here:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


updated 9/28/2009

I have received quite a few comments from folks around the globe (which has been really GREAT, by the way!) Instead of incorporating them into the long, long list of Twittering Libraries, I decided to keep that list as U.S. only, for organizational sake. Hence below is a growing list of International Twittering Libraries.

If you have any recommendations and/or would like your library to be added to this list, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

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14 Responses to “International Twittering Libraries”

  1. [...] response to several comments about International Libraries that twitter, I created a new list in a separate post, for organizational [...]

  2. [...] Anyway, if you’re into Twitter and you would like to know which libraries you can possibly follow, here is the list of  U.S. libraries using Twitter, and here is the list of International Libraries. [...]

  3. PK said

    interesting posts .
    I mention :

    cf :

  4. [...] bib hors US qui twittent [...]

  5. chriskeene said

    Here are a few more libraries:
    Lancashire Libraries lancspublib
    Bodleian Law Library thelawbod
    Portsmouth Uni Lib UoPlibrary
    Leics Libraries leicslibraries
    Cambridge UL theul
    John Rylands Uni Lib jrul

    twitter usernames are on the right. I think most are from the UK.


  6. [...] alors ? Me direz-vous…De nombreuses bibliothèques américaines et ailleurs dans le monde se sont créées un compte Twitter afin de diffuser leur grandes et petites nouvelles. Un [...]

  7. [...] representative the list is. As mentioned here ,the list began from self-reported cases from here , here and here . I was somewhat concerned that this list has an inherent bias in listing mature accounts, [...]

  8. [...] trouverez ici une liste des bibliothèques qui tweet aux usa, ainsi qu’à l’international (mentionnons celle de Toulouse et sa centaine de [...]

  9. Antonin Benoît DIOUF said

    also an African Library on Twitter

  10. Claire B said


    Here’s another one from UK.

    Plymouth Libraries @plymlibraries

  11. Kat said

    Deakin University Australia is on twitter also – @deakinlibrary

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