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Developing skills: web design

Posted by lindyjb on June 11, 2009

Picture 1Over the past 10 weeks, I was enrolled in CS 195, Introduction to Web Authoring, taught through Oregon State University‘s Computer Science Department. While I have taken a web design class before (via my MLIS program at FSU), I wanted to double-down and improve my skills. I learned A LOT… I had many frustrations while learning code, but loved it when things came together and the site design appeared on screen as I envisioned it in my head. I hope to continue working on my web design skills and hope to enroll in CS 295 Intermediate Web Design during the OSU summer session.

My website is of a fictional Doggy Day Care business. (I recently started taking my Newfoundland, Casper, to doggy day care twice a week and was inspired by it).

Here’s the site: Best Pals Doggy Day Care

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: my website was created for non-commercial reasons; any similarities between my fictional doggy day care site and some other DDC businesses is strictly coincidence. All photographs in my website are from flickr’s creative commons.

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2 Responses to “Developing skills: web design”

  1. Amy said

    It’s excellent, Lindy. It’s well laid out and the information easy to find. I love your use of videos and pictures. And, I appreciate the print feature. Did you use a print widget or something else? I need one, too for one of my new sites. Is your web portfolio next? -Amy

  2. Coral said

    I really like it! Like Amy said, it’s clear, with easy-to-locate information. The contact info right at the top of the page, great!

    It reads OK in elinks (text-only browser), too, so I think it would work fine for screen-readers.

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