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Posted by lindyjb on June 19, 2009

Picture 2The wonderful world of the web has many job search engines cluttered about:,, LinkUp,, juju, CareerJet, JobCentral, mployd, SimplyHired,, etc… These sites search for job listings on the interwebs.

But not all job listings can be found on websites or via classified ads… Many jobs are found via networking as well as via emerging social media tools… This includes twitter, of course…

So yes… There is a search engine that scours twitter tweets for job announcements: TwitterJobSearch. I gave it a lil’ go by searching for “librarian” and it produced over 106 results. I perused the results and they were all very relevant – no random non-library job announcements popped up.

Picture 3

The folks from TwitterJobSearch describe their product as a search engine that uses semantic tools to look at what has been tweeted – context. TwitterJobSearch allows you to sort results by date or relevance. You can create RSS feeds, and refine your results by salary, country, job title (i.e., librarian, assistant, teacher), when it was tweeted, skills, and job type (i.e., full time, permanent, etc.).

Overall, it’s a pretty simple job search engine with a lil’ bit o’ punch. I definitely like what it has to offer and see it as an innovative way to cover ground in the job search.

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