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Job searching and networking – a new twist to an old concept

Posted by lindyjb on January 17, 2009


Though I’m in my early 30’s, I’m a wee bit too old, just missing the digital native generation… I can’t imagine living without the technology we have today, yet at the same time, I do have actual experience making it through the day without a cell phone, computer, Internet, GPS, what-have-you. (I didn’t get a cell phone until graduate school in early 2001!)

I came across a nice post by Dan Schawbel on HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume. It really had me thinking… In my early days of job searching, I remember reading books and articles about how to handle the job search. I talked with advisers and parents and even the university’s Career Center about the proper way to go about finding a job. They all echoed the same thing – it’s who you know… In addition to having practical experience, networking is key.  I vividly remember being warned that one must definitely NOT depend on finding a job through the Internet. Stay away from those on-line job sites, they said.

That was then, I guess… Early 2000 is so long ago!

Back to Schawbel’s post: I think that using social networking is honestly something to consider these days. As popularity amongst social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. continue to grow and gain followers, they should be taken seriously! When they first emerged, there was debate as them being meaningless drivel and time wasters. Over time, however, they have proven to have great professional networking potential. I mean, check out this post: She’s the Best Employee I’ve Never Met. Both articles point out that that networking is definitely still part of the job search — it’s just conceptually slightly different than what I learned it was long ago.

photo credit: You’re hired! from flickr user sssteve.o

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Lil’ ole me…

Posted by lindyjb on November 18, 2008

So yeah, I’m one of 500 gadzillion folks blogging. I’m probably waaay behind when it comes to the information professional world of librarians and their ability to catch on to the latest technologies and and creations of information retrieval and organization, social networking, public relations 2.0, trend setters, knowledge-creation, shaping and dissemination tendencies…


So I wanted to jump in. I’m enjoying learning about all this stuff, but dang! I feel a tad bit like a wannabe… Well wait! I guess I kind-of am, eh? For example, inspired by my latest assignment for LIS5313, I’ve been writing about Twitter, but sheesh, that’s so passe now, isn’t it? Wasn’t that, like, so 6 months ago?

Will I always be on the backend of things, trying to catch up?

So here’s another blog of random ramblings… discussions about library-related things that, most likely, were already discovered and discussed about 5 years ago. I believe, however, that maybe if I keep practicing all this and keep fiddling around with this blog-thingy, I might get the hang of this, become a better writer, researcher, and contributor to this global information world. I would like to think that others might be interested in what I have to say, but… yeah… comments are at zero. I can’t help but want to feel wanted, ya know?

So yeah, I’ll take my damaged ego (zero comments and readers will do that to a person), and I’ll continue to troop along. I wonder… how did all those popular blogs out there start out? How’d y’all get so popular?!

Maybe, just maybe they started out just like this one?

When I was surfing the web awhile back, I was looking for blogs created by librarians who were currently in library school. I wanted to read more about their experiences while in school – the classes they were in, the things they were learning, their aspirations to become librarians and so on… I wanted to learn more about that community and then become part of it…

I am trying to do all I can to become a good information professional. I realize that I am a little behind… well, I’m actually a lot behind. I work full-time in another profession (one that I do enjoy), but I know I can’t do it forever. Looking forward, I am trying to gain all the experience and knowledge I can to be prepared when I graduate with my MLIS.

Right now I fear I may be over-educated and under-qualified. I know I need to gain much more experience before my resume looks appealing to a library that is looking to hire… And this is ok, because I am happy with my current job and have no plans to jump ship at this time. However, I want to make sure I keep getting practical library experience. That is what I crave most and am trying to gain.

So I am volunteering with a digital library reference service as well as at a local public library. It can be tough – I’m working 45+ hours a week in my current job and then volunteering another 8+ hours a week on top of that. I have so much to do – and so much I want to accomplish in preparation for that next career step!

So in the meantime… Here’s blog #500-gadzillion-and-one.

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