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Government Documents – on Scribd?!

Posted by lindyjb on January 26, 2009

I have been reading chapter after chapter in United States Government: Information & Policies (Hernon, et al) about all the sources one can use to find Government documents. Lemme tell ya – there are lots. Published in 2002, the book was on the cusp of the electronic information breakthrough. As such, we have seen many updates toward making most government documents available online. THOMAS, GPO Access and are excellent free sources and have expanded since the book was published.

With Barack Obama’s plan for transparency, government information has expanded to social networking sites such as YouTube (which I described in an earlier post).

Is Scribd part of the action now? It sure looks like it! Barack Obama’s official inaugural address is now posted on Scribd for all to see, access, download, embed in webpages or blogs.

Could Scribd join the ranks as THOMAS and GPO Access? I don’t think so, but I must admit I am impressed with the idea of being able to download – or more so – embed government documents into a web page!

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