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Meet the 2009 Shovers & Makers

Posted by lindyjb on March 24, 2009


I’m having a laugh (and an educational experience at the same time) by reading through the Library Society of the World‘s 2009 Shovers & Makers list. It’s a play off of the Library Journal‘s annual Movers & Shakers list that profiles the lucky few designated with the prestigious honor of “shaping the future of libraries.” For those folks who didn’t quite make the cut – but are just as valuable nonetheless (“you’re already a winner!”) – the Shovers & Makers receive their recognition as well.

I’ve enjoyed reading the (self-) nominations and learning about what other library folk are doing, no matter how small. The short postings remind me of the broad spectrum of responsibilities and accomplishments to be had in the profession.

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A discussion on the future of librarianship

Posted by lindyjb on March 8, 2009

Wow, folks are talkin’, and I’m so glad about it!

As someone who is working on her MLIS, I am always interested in reading about the future of the profession, no matter how wonderful – or bleak – some may predict it to be. It’s important to critically analyze where the profession is, where it’s going, and where it can go.

Three posts – and the comments generated by them – have my head spinning (in a good way):

First, Karin Dalziel ( – the Musings of a LIS student): Why every library science student should learn programming

Then Matt Hamilton (Brewin’ Librarian): What I’m Finding as an Information Professional

And a response by Bobbi Newman (Librarian by Day) with her post, What’s the Matter with our Profession?

I don’t claim to have answers – I’m only a rookie in the world of librarianship – but it is clearly obvious that librarianship/libraries/librarians are changing as information changes and the way people want/need information. As for the solution, well, what’s the right thing to do today may likely be out of date tomorrow, but it is good we’re discussing this… Either way, the profession needs people who can adapt and are willing to adjust to professional, societal, and economic changes (just to name a few variables). I don’t think this is just a librarianship issue, however; I believe, actually, that any profession needs adaptable professionals or problems with relevancy will exist (and persist!) For example, in my day job as an academic adviser on a college campus, the very field of advising — which is about sharing information and educating students regarding university policies, academic programs, appropriate resources and so on – also demands adaptation. We cannot solely depend on traditional ways of advising (i.e., make an appointment and wait a week to see an adviser)… Over the past several years, I’ve seen academic advisers and departments incorporate new ways of advising via email advising, instant messaging, text and even through social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter.

I believe a big part – which has never changed – is that it’s all about the constituents we serve. As such, we should tailor our delivery and programs the way that best works with our constituents in a way that they want and need.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, of course… there is so much more to this discussion, which is why I have enjoyed reading what others have to share.

Other thoughts:

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My Coming Out: The Development of My Librarian Identity

Posted by lindyjb on March 8, 2009

This is a video I created for my LIS 5313 (Design & Media Production) class. One of our major projects was to create a digital story based on a specific experience in our lives that has importance to who we are. I chose to create a video based on the evolution of discovering my “librarian identity.” I used my previous life graduate experience in Student Personnel in Higher Education (i.e., fancy word for Student Affairs) by incorporating student identity theory. Loosely based on Cass’s 1979 model of sexual identity development, I created four stages of figuring out that I was (well, I want to be) a librarian. I tried to incorporate a light-hearted, humorous tone.

more about “My Coming Out: The Development of My …“, posted with vodpod

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