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Missed ALA 2009? can fill you in.

Posted by lindyjb on July 14, 2009

ala2009I could not attend ALA, but I followed along via the tweets about the conference (#ala09, #ala2009), tweets about sub-meetings and presentations (i.e., #toptech, #unala2009, #acrl101, etc.), and watched ustream videos and cover-it-live events (i.e., lita’s top tech trends). I even heard about ALA on NPR (Librarians go wild for Gold Book Cart).

But just now — I just stumbled upon Heather Devine’s (Flexyourinfo) ala2009 page – a more comprehensive, all-in-one-place collage of tweets and conference photos. For the visual folk, please check this out! Want to see what was going on at the Unconference? Select that option. Want to know what happened on Tuesday? You can even see the tweets and photos by day! You even have the option to pick which tweets you’d like to see by hashtag.

Read more: Heather posted more about this at her blog.

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Vicariously living through #ala2009, #ala09, #unala2009

Posted by lindyjb on July 11, 2009

Picture 7I just got back from a vacay in Denver and am settling back in at home before work starts again on Monday. I ever-so-briefly played around with the idea of doing a quick turnaround to Chicago for ALA, but it wasn’t financially feasible nor the best timing. So I’m at home, enjoying a cup of coffee early on this Saturday morning, doing a little multi-tasking: schoolwork, writing, reading, cleaning and browsing through the many hashtags related to ALA 2009: #ala2009, #ala09, #unala2009. I created a few searches in TweetDeck, so it’s constantly updating with snippets of what’s going on in Chicago.

I’ve noticed a few other folks who have created twitter accounts specifically for the conference, which is a great idea. One example is the Boulder Public Library’s staff professional development twitter account, @bplconference.

Picture 6And for fun (but mostly inappropriate comments), catch some of @alasecrets tweets. Someone has created a twitter account specifically for the ALA conference. I’ve seen a few folks tweet the password – anyone can log in and anonymously share their thoughts of what’s going on at the moment… Some are quite funny, snarky and a wee bit crude. (In fact, I believe there is a correlation between time and crudeness… as more time passed, the more – shall we say – explicit @alasecret’s tweets became). It’s amazing what people will say when anonymous, though I must admit librarians are quite a creative bunch! (Psst – this is the tamest tweet I could find for @alasecrets).

Update, 6/11 afternoon: @alasecrets has been put to rest/disabled (someone changed the password and protected the updates)…not sure who shut ‘er down, but there is already a new anonymous account: @ALAsecrets2009. For information on how to post, check the directions.

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Screenjelly – quick and easy screencasting, no download, no fuss!

Posted by lindyjb on July 10, 2009

Picture 5Yesterday I read about ScreenJelly on TechCrunch and thought I’d try it out. I have been impressed with other screencasting tools such as Jing, ScreenCastle, ScreenCast-O-Matic, Webinaria, etc, but ScreenJelly is just so darn easy to use. It’s browser-based, so no need to download anything. You can record your voice as you record what’s going on your computer screen. ScreenJelly allows up to three minutes of recording, so you better be concise (which, in my opinion, is a good thing!) Like most other screen casting tools, I think it has great educational implications – you can easily record short tutorials and presentations, but ScreenJelly allows you to tweet it, email it and/or upload it to Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc.

I played around with it and found it really easy to use. I created a short video — please take it easy on me, I was just testing it out. My personal reaction to what ScreenJelly has to offer is positive. The only downsides to ScreenJelly is the three-minute limit and the fact that there is no option to embed it into webpages.

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International Twittering Libraries

Posted by lindyjb on March 18, 2009

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I have moved this blog to a hosted domain.

If you are looking for my list of international twittering libraries, check out the updated page here:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


updated 9/28/2009

I have received quite a few comments from folks around the globe (which has been really GREAT, by the way!) Instead of incorporating them into the long, long list of Twittering Libraries, I decided to keep that list as U.S. only, for organizational sake. Hence below is a growing list of International Twittering Libraries.

If you have any recommendations and/or would like your library to be added to this list, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

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Twitoria: find out who hasn’t tweeted in awhile

Posted by lindyjb on March 13, 2009

twitoriaIf you’re looking for a quick way to find out which of your friends hasn’t tweeted in awhile, give Twitoria a try.

In my exuberance to learn as much as possible (as a rookie info professional would do), I have been following a lot of folks, especially libraries. I have been wanting to cut my twitter follower numbers down, so I gave Twitoria a try. I found over 35 folks that haven’t tweeted in over a month. I think I’ll be giving a few of those folks the boot…

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Evan Williams discusses the unforeseen uses of Twitter at TED 2009

Posted by lindyjb on March 8, 2009

Evan Williams, co-creator of Twitter, talks about the unforeseen uses of Twitter at TED 2009.

more about “Evan Williams discusses the unforesee…“, posted with vodpod

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Jon Stewart explains Twitter

Posted by lindyjb on March 4, 2009

Being a Twitter user myself, I can appreciate Jon Stewart discussing Twitter on The Daily Show. It’s kinda funny.

more about “John Stewart explains Twitter“, posted with vodpod

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The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library is on Twitter!

Posted by lindyjb on February 16, 2009

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Corvallis-Benton County Library– after all, I volunteer there a couple days every week! They are on Twitter now and have started their own blog.


Cheers to the CBCPL!

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ALA Twitter Feeds

Posted by lindyjb on February 13, 2009


Several different ALA units have twitter feeds! For the whole list, check out the ALA wiki page, ALA Twitter Feeds. It’s good to know what is going on with the national organization and it’s a quick and easy way to stay informed.

Photo credit: ALA Logo from flickr user ALA staff has a creative commons liscence Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.0 Generic.

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Tweets from the Super Bowl (interactive map from the NY Times)

Posted by lindyjb on February 3, 2009

Check out this interactive map from the New York Times yesterday:


The map shows what people were twittering about during the Super Bowl. As time goes on in the game — press the play button on the timeline at the top of the map — you can see what words are being twittered – and where!

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